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About our school
Most Camp online is the great place to learn English! For happy children on vacation, as well as adults!

Learning English on a modern online platform.
Extensive choice of courses and teachers.
Exciting digital leisure in the format of an online camp (master classes and broadcasts on our YouTube channel).

About our school

Most Camp online is the great place to learn English! For happy children on vacation, as well as adults!
Learning English on a modern online platform.
Extensive choice of courses and teachers.
Exciting digital leisure in the format of an online camp (master classes and broadcasts on our YouTube channel).

Our teachers

We teach gladly!
We work for you!!

What's good about our classes?

Методы обучения.
Methods of teaching
Based on the personal experience of teachers. We also use high-tech modern developments in the field of foreign language learning.
3-5 человек в группе.
3-5 people in a group
A small group is the best way to learn. We find an individual approach to our students and develop their strong sides. In the classroom, the child will find himself in an atmosphere of relaxed communication and friendly environment.
Индивидуальные занятия.
Individual lessons
Every student is unique! And we will spend the necessary amount of time with everyone to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.
Домашняя работа.
If your child needs help with school English assignments - we are happy to help! Choose a General Course and one of our teachers. We can run the lessons not only on our platform, but also with your textbooks.
Our teachers are professionals who love their job. They are all proven leaders and leaders at Most Camp International Innovation English Camp.
Разговорный клуб.
Conversation Club
Everyone knows that in order to speak a foreign language you need to immerse yourself in the language environment. In our free Speaking Club together with foreigners, the speaking environment will come to you!


Individual lessons
Group lessons
  • Starter

    5 lessons

    • 650
      / lesson
  • 3500

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  • Extended

    10 lessons

    • 600
      / lesson
  • 6500

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  • Pro

    20 lessons

    • 550
      / lesson
  • 9000

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  • Premium

    40 lessons

    • 500
      / lesson
  • 13750

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  • Starter

    5 lessons

    • 450
      / lesson
  • 3500

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  • Extended

    10 lessons

    • 400
      / lesson
  • 6500

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  • Pro

    20 lessons

    • 350
      / lesson
  • 9000

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  • Premium

    40 lessons

    • 300
      / lesson
  • 13750

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Can adults study at your school?
Yes, of course, our training programs are suitable for both children and adults.
What does the online platform mean?
The ProgressMe online platform is a next-generation language interactive programme with a lesson bank. It uses virtual classrooms with interactive exercises and synchronised access for teacher and student.
Who will teach at school? is a continuation of the famous English camp "Most Camp", so our teachers are Russian and foreign language teachers, who worked as camp counselors at different times.
Do you have any special conditions for your students?
Of course! We offer free participation in the Conversation Club with one of the foreign teachers for all our students.

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Ekaterina Shkurko
English - Upper-Intermediate/Advanced.
Certificate of International Examination University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations;
Creative approach to teaching;
Personal approach to each student;
Experience with foreigners, groups of non-Russian speaking children, representatives of different countries and cultures; Experience with students of all ages from young children to adults; Experience with special children (autism); Excellent feedback from parents.
Personal characteristics:
Open-minded, persistent, patient.
Constant self-education, attention to detail, perseverance, and ability to establish contact with every student.

«I can work with any student of any age, but the most joyful thing for me is working with children».
Experience: self-employed English tutor from 2013. Worked as a mentor of the Israelian group in Most camp in 2018.
Natalya Lebedeva
Что же ждет ребёнка на занятиях английским языком?

  • Изучение английского языка в уютной атмосфере Максимальное погружение в языковую среду
  • Языковые задания в увлекательном формате
  • Проработка лексики, грамматики и фонетики
  • Чтение адаптированной и неадаптированный английской литературы
  • Познавательный просмотр отрывков из фильмов и мультфильмов
  • Английские игры и песни

На занятиях ребенок попадет в атмосферу непринужденного общения и дружеской обстановки, тем самым ему легче будет раскрепоститься и показать имеющиеся знания на практике

Образование: романо-германская филология. Педагогическое образование ( два профиля - английский и немецкий языки )
Опыт работы: 5 лет + 3 летние смены ( в качестве преподавателя групповых занятий ) в английском лагере Most Camp.

Возраст деток: 6-17 лет.
Evelina Ablaeva
What you need to know about me is that I love children and English very much. You can learn any language if you present it correctly and interestingly. Even working in a group, I try to find an individual approach to each student, analyzing interesting topics and questions.

I am a graduate of Kuban State University, majoring in English Translation in business communication, and I want to share all my knowledge with those who want to get it.
For two years in a row, I worked at the children's international innovation camp "MOST camp", where I combined working with children and practicing speaking with foreign counselors. I also participated in several international projects under the Erasmus+ program, where I continued to practice my English with native speakers.

I want children to be able to love English the way I love it.
Valeriia Kukoreka
I am a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Psychology and also a student of the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology at Kuban State University.

As you know, nowadays English is the most popular language in the world. That's why it's so important to start learning it from childhood. I have experience with children. Last summer I worked as a kids' leader at the International Innovative summer camp «MOST CAMP», where we learned English together with the children by the interactive form: we played, sang songs and communicated with our foreign counselors. In addition, I also have experience as a personal English teacher. Furthermore, I take part in such activities as youth exchanges of the Erasmus+ program, where young people from different countries of the world discuss and create new social projects.

I believe it is important to combine various interactive methods for effective learning of English, such as lessons as a game using modern technologies, audio and video materials, accessible explanation of grammatical rules , individual and group English communication as a conversation club , where we will discuss your favorite cartoons, music, games, comics, movies and other interesting topics.

I am waiting for you at my classes to dive into the world of non-boring English! I promise you will really like it!
Anastasiya Zolotovskaya

What could be better than reading books or watching movies in its original forms? How do you like the idea of real communication with foreigners and learning more about their culture? Let's learn English together and soon this beautiful world will open to you!

I will be glad to help you improve your English, fill in the gaps in your knowledge, review the material you have passed, master correct and beautiful pronunciation. I take into account your individual wishes and suggestions.

Education: Kuban state University, the faculty of Romance-Germanic philology. Specialty-translator/interpreter.

I love children and they can feel it, so I quickly find contact with them! The summer of 2019, I worked as a kids' leader at the children's "MOST camp". For 2 years I have been a tutor for pupils.
Anastasiya Paletskaya
English lessons can be interesting for both the teacher and a student. What is the peculiarity of them?

  • in the interactivity of lessons;
  • in the creative approach;
  • in the friendly atmosphere;
  • in the improvement of grammar and lexical themes with the use of games;
  • in the learning of vocabulary by means of watching the videos and cartoons
At the moment I am in my last year at the university. I study at the department of the theoretical and practical translation.

I have work experience in online-teaching for children and adults. Moreover, I have worked as a children's leader at the international camp «MostCamp-2019".

Looking forward to the guys in my lessons!
Natalya Storozhenko
Anastasia Shevtsova
My level of English is Upper-intermediate. I am 3rd year Student of the faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology, I have been studying English since childhood. Simultaneously I study German. For 2 years I have been working as a tutor with children of different ages, as well as managing group classes. I worked at "Most Camp" as a kid's leader in 2019. I took part in a Russian-German youth exchange seminar. I love to come up with different games and activities so that the child learns English with pleasure!
Maretta Ayvazyan
Уровень английского — Upper-Intermediate / Advanced.

В 2018 году окончила Кубанский Государственный университет, факультет Романо-Германской Филологии, направление Английская Филология.

Опыт работы:
Репетитор 3 года, преподаватель в онлайн школе английского языка. 3 года работала вожатой в детском международном инновационном лагере «MOST camp».

Участница нескольких молодежных международных проектов Erasmus+, жила заграницей год по волонтерскому проекту, где была возможность общаться не только с носителями языка, но и представителями разных национальностей.

Со мной дети изучат не только язык, но историю и культуру англичан, а так же интересные языковые особенности, которые встречаются не только в разговорной речи, но и в фильмах, песнях и играх на английском языке.
Alina Diakova
I have been studying foreign languages since I was 7 years old, and I can't imagine my life without them. I have been studying German since the first and English since the second grade. Even at school, I realized that languages are my future - I had often participated in various competitions, 2 times had taken part in the final stage of the "Всероссийская олимпиада школьников" in German, and even passed the Deutsces Sprachdiplom exam for the B2/C1 level. My English level is Upper-intermediate.

That is why I decided to link my future with languages. I am a second-year student at Kuban State University, majoring in "Translation and translation studies".

In my classes, students will be able to combine business with pleasure. They will not only improve their language level, but also will be able to demonstrate their imagination in non-boring tasks and discuss topics that interest them.
Alina Gomulina
Английский язык очень полюбился мне еще с 5 лет, и на сегодняшний день ничего не изменилось: я все так же с трепетом отношусь к этому прекрасному языку, но теперь имею за спиной большой багаж знаний и готова поделиться этими знаниями с детьми!

На занятиях я помогу ученику полюбить английский также, как когда-то полюбила его я.
Clarica Antonacci
Oleg Zaichko
Bege Radamani
I have completed my bachelor's degree at the University of Prishtina (Kosovo) for Chemistry and English Language and Literature. After my graduation, I have finished master studies about Leadership in Education and I participated in a lot of training around Europe with the main focus on teaching. I love to teach and I have been working as a teacher for a long time. I enjoy helping my students to learn a new language. I want my students to know that I believe in them and that I will always be there to support them and at the same time insisting so they can become the best they can be. I truly believe that knowledge is power and this is something that I want to teach them. I want them to understand that they can achieve everything in life with hard work and education.
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